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Sabrina, Down Under Full Movie Online Free

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7cb1d79195 Offshoot of the popular TV show finds the teen witch (Melissa Joan Hart) on a trip with her friend (Tara Charendoff). There she finds romance with a merman.
Sabrina travels to Australia's Great Barrier Reef with her best friend Gwen, a fellow witch from England, for a week-long vacation where they try to help protect a hidden mermaid colony whose habitat is threatened by ocean pollution, and by a local marine biologist, Dr. Julian Martin, determined to find the colony as his claim to fame. While Sabrina finds romance with Barnaby, a "merman" from the mermaid colony, Salem the cat finds a posible romance with another witch-turned-into-a-cat, named Hilary, but finds Sabrina's problems interfering with his plans.
Lame and lazy, this made for TV feature length adventure for the teenage witch shows how much the TV series owes its spark to the talents of Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick - both are absent from this film. There is very little to like here, with flat performances, scant, predictable plot and an intensely annoying soundtrack. This film achieves some kind of distinction by making Australia&#39;s Great Barrier Reef appear to be a really, really dull place to visit. Melissa Joan Hart ambles through this film, giving the strong impression that she&#39;s actually on holidays and doesn&#39;t particularly want to be doing this movie. There&#39;s not much to inspire from anyone else in the cast, either.<br/><br/>For hard core fans of STTW only - and uncritical ones at that.
This is, indeed, a fluffy TV movie, and I&#39;m not sure I would recommend it to anyone who isn&#39;t desperate for something to keep the (very small) kids quiet for a couple of hours. For Melissa Joan Hart fans, however, it&#39;s a must-see. Since all of the action revolves around the sea and a nearby beach resort, we get to see Melissa in a series of bikinis and wet suits. And in a move which contributes to the mounting evidence that Disney is cooler than they seem, we get to see Melissa&#39;s navel ring.<br/><br/>It was also nice to see Tara Charendoff reprise her role as Sabrina&#39;s witch friend from &quot;Sabrina Goes to Rome&quot;. (I smiled when she said &quot;Frizzle!&quot;) It was also kind of weird seeing Lindsay Sloane as a mermaid, although it wasn&#39;t until later that I remembered that she played Valerie in the first season of the show.

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