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a5c7b9f00b Murphy the cyborg cop is back on the streets. OCP, his manufacturer, is unable to replicate the process to make more just like him due to a series of suicides by their subjects. They decide to try a drug addict as a base for their next, stronger, bigger cyborg. Murphy, meanwhile, is rebuilt with additions to his programming, which has both funny and tragic results.
Once again Detroit is ridden by a gang of drug dealers, and Robocop is the only one who can do something about it. When Cain, the chief of the gang, is killed during his confrontation with Robocop, OCP (the company that runs the police) transforms him into Robocop 2, a new android much stronger than the first. Now Murphy has to face him again, because Cain didn't forget who he was.
One of the better sequels I have seen to a great movie, Robocop 2 is a great sci fi movie. Robocop 2 takes place not to long after Robocop with most of the police on strike, the city addicted a to new drug called nuke and OCP trying to buy out what&#39;s left of the police force and then city for there own corrupt corporate schemes. Robocop&#39;s main enemy in this one is a deranged hippie (aren&#39;t they all) Cain (Tom Noonan), who is the leader of a gang who uses a drug called nuke to make money and control the underworld of crime. Robocop in typical great violent fashion takes out most of the scum, but ends up being dismembered by the gang. Robocop is repaired, but the female corporate villain, Dr. Faxx (Bauer) of course wants to hinder his ability while she works on her own project: Robocop 2. In a great moment in the movie a bunch of &quot;men&quot; and soccer mom types give there opinions on how Robocop should be reprogramed, to be a typical politically correct wimp, think Al Gore and Tipper programing someone. &quot;Talk things out rather then waving that big gun of his.&quot; Hahahahha! This obviously fails, Robocop fry&#39;s his circuits and goes back to nail Cain and the gang. Cain&#39;s brain is taken by Dr. Faxx for the new Robocop 2. Well eventually Robocop faces Cain now in a new body in a great climatic battle in Detroit that ends with his brain smashed all over the ground.<br/><br/>Overall a great movie. The special effects I cant emphasize enough are incredible. How did we go from this to the CGI crap that is so popular now? The stop motion and models are amazing. Not flat as with most of even the most high tech CGI that&#39;s out there. To bad it so much money to do that now. The story is OK, I don&#39;t think it was as good as part ones, but the edition of the Robocop 2 is a great machine that is well worth the wait. Cain the villain I was not real impressed with. Clarence Boddicker from part one was much better. Look out for Ed Lauter with his stupid outfit, always the man. The action keeps up and you are never board, along with a fair amount of extreme violence although not as bad as I had thought when I saw it as a kid in the movie theaters. Maybe a bit tame by today. As with the first movie watch for all the great in jokes about corporate greed, the future (skin lotion commercial) are all funny. Like OCP&#39;s Flag? Some familiar characters return including The Old Man and Nancy Allen returning as Anne Lewis as the strong female role that works. There not much to say about Peter Weller, he walks around in his costume most of the time, nuff said. One and 2 are great movies however skip the stupid part three that was obviously taken over by a bunch of soccer Mom losers who ruined it. Overall the story is a little weak, but Robocop 2 gets a 10 out of 10 stars great sci fi action movie. See it just for the special effects if nothing else.
Don&#39;t get me wrong, I like this film, but I think it was made badly. The story is all over the place, characters disappear and we don&#39;t know what happened them, and most, if not all, of the scenes which flesh out Murphy&#39;s human side are edited out, why?<br/><br/>The original plot for this film is brilliant, and I believe that if it had have been used then RoboCop 2 would have been a much better film, and the RoboCop franchise would still be going strong today, and we may even have had a RoboCop 4 in the last 90&#39;s.<br/><br/>If MGM want to make some decent money, they should release a Directors Cut version of the film which would contain the 15/20 minutes of extra footage that we never saw. I have seen stills of these scenes and they look really good, if only they had been left in….
With its desensitizing blood lust, RoboCop 2 contributes yet another ugly note to this already demoralizing season of sadism. If things continue as they have until now, the body count at the movies may reach into the millions.
Always interested in looking to the future and making a buck, Omni Consumer Products (OPC) hopes to make more RoboCops like Murphy (<a href="/name/nm0000693/">Peter Weller</a>), but each of their prototypes end up committing suicide. When psychologist Juliette Faxx (<a href="/name/nm0000873/">Belinda Bauer</a>) comes up with a new idea—using psychopathic, drug-addicted, drug kingpin Cain (<a href="/name/nm0006888/">Tom Noonan</a>) on grounds that he will welcome the power and the immortality—a new, larger and stronger cyborg, branded as &quot;RoboCop Two&quot;, is born. Unfortunately, Cain&#39;s main focus is on getting more of a new street narcotic known as &quot;Nuke&quot;. RoboCop 2 is the second movie in the RoboCop series, preceded by <a href="/title/tt0093870/">RoboCop (1987)</a> (1987) and followed by <a href="/title/tt0107978/">RoboCop 3 (1993)</a> (1993) and two TV series: <a href="/title/tt0108909/">RoboCop (1994)</a> (1994-1995] and <a href="/title/tt0220008/">RoboCop: Prime Directives (2001)</a> (2000). The series is being rebooted with <a href="/title/tt1234721/">RoboCop (2014)</a> (2014). The screenplay for RoboCop 2 was written by American comics writer/artist Frank Miller and screenwriter Walon Green, based on characters created by American screenwriters Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner for Robocop. RoboCop 2 was subsequently novelized by American science fiction writer Ed Naha as well as turned into a nine-part comic book series called Frank Miller&#39;s RoboCop (2007) by Frank Miller and Juan Jose. His weapons were already switched off for safety reasons. If you look carefully at the remote it has multiple dozens of buttons, so there was possibly a switch to deactivate him. Faxx was trying to bring Cain under control rather than power him down, and she didn&#39;t have a chance to hit the proper button when RoboCop entered the theatre and distracted her. Alternately, Faxx may have been telling the truth when she said that RoboCop 2 (Cain) couldn&#39;t be deactivated. Depending upon how his robotic body was designed, the system that allowed him mobility might not be separate from the life support systems. To be fair, it isn&#39;t clear at all that any &quot;robocop&quot; product of OCP can be summarily deactivated. Such a feature had never been used against RoboCop (such as when he became a target in the original film), giving credence to the idea that the feature may not exist in him, and RoboCop 2 may have been designed in roughly the same way. Both of them are designed to have a certain amount of autonomy and free will. The entire formula isn&#39;t revealed in the movie. However, midway through the film, Cain checks with his chemist, Frank (a cameo by screenwriter and comic-book author Frank Miller), and tries out a new variation of Nuke called Blue Velvet. When he injects it, he waits for it to take effect and mentions two of its ingredients: benzadrine and scopolamine. It&#39;s probably reasonable to believe that both drugs were in the formula for the original Nuke. The Old Man says near the end of the movie that the current events take place about one year after the events corresponding to the first movie. However, the actual year is never specified, which was also a story trick used by the producers and writers of the first movie. The temporal setting is ambiguous enough that the first movie may rationally be set anywhere from 1987 to 2087 or beyond, simply with the theme of being futuristic. However, the widespread adoptions of things in reality like digitization, smartphones, wireless access, flat displays and cloud computing, combined with the obsolescence of CRTs and mainframes, makes these movies feel more like they are set in the 1990s than in any part of the 21st century; and the same applies to just about any futuristic picture. While the Old Man (<a href="/name/nm0641397/">Dan O&#39;Herlihy</a>) is holding a press conference in the OCP Civic Centrum to unveil his plans for Delta City, he introduces Cain as the new RoboCop 2 who will help to rid the city of Nuke. In doing so, he shows the press a canister of Nuke, causing Cain to become anxious and ultimately go berserk as he tries to get his hands on it. He grabs the remote that controls his weapons from out of Faxx&#39;s hands and open fires on the crowd. Murphy enters the auditorium, and a fierce battle erupts as they chase each other all over the building, eventually falling off the roof and onto the streets where a firefight between police/SWAT and Cain ensues. When it looks like Cain is unstoppable, Murphy decides to try a new tactic. Murphy&#39;s partner, Anne Lewis (<a href="/name/nm0000262/">Nancy Allen</a>), retrieves the canister of Nuke and offers it to Cain. Cain stops his attack long enough to intake the Nuke while Murphy sneaks around behind him, leaps onto Cain from behind, and rips out his brain and spinal cord, smashing it to bits. Shortly later, the Old Man discusses the ramifications of Cain&#39;s tirade with Johnson (<a href="/name/nm0675066/">Felton Perry</a>) and Holzgang (<a href="/name/nm0565159/">Jeff McCarthy</a>), and they decide that blame (particularly criminal liability) for the incident will fall on Faxx. In the final scene, as the Old Man and Faxx drive away in their limousine, Lewis bemoans the fact that he&#39;s getting away with it. &quot;Patience, Lewis,&quot; says Murphy, &quot;We&#39;re only human.&quot; Faxx had been competing with Johnson throughout the whole movie, and she is smug because her relationship with the Old Man leads her to believe that she won&#39;t be held in any way responsible for RoboCop 2 killing or injuring dozens of innocent people, OCP guards and SWAT officers. She doesn&#39;t know that the Old Man has just given Johnson and Holzgang the go-ahead to find a way to pin the blame on her. The UK VHS version was slightly censored, missing out approximately 32 seconds across 9 scenes. All cuts were waived for the DVD release.
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